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Helping Adult Drivers

By December 10, 2019No Comments

At All Jersey Driving School we take pride in helping 16 and 17 year old Driver Education students get their permit. Trading the blue card received from drivers ed in for a NJ driver license? That is a day that teen drivers never forget, but what about adults who did not get their NJ driver license as a teen?

If you have relocated to the Mount Laurel, Moorestown or Delran NJ, you may have moved to the Burlington County or Camden County area and thought that you could take public transportation to work. For instance, individuals relocating from a city are used to utilizing public transportation. In addition, a nanny or au pair working in the area may need a valid NJ driver license in support of their employment. Are you looking for a driving school near you to get your NJ driver’s license? Call Jersey Driving School!

All Jersey Driving School helps adults get their license affordably. How are we different? We start with a two hour assessment and we let you know what you need to pass the test. Our driving instructor will give you tips to work on items that need improvement. All Jersey Driving School recognizes that many adult drivers can practice with friends or family. That saves an adult student driver the cost of a full lesson package. Full driving lesson packages are also available however, if you need them.

In short, your drivers license is the key to freedom and independence. Give us a call to get you started!