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Drivers License for the NJ Au Pair

By December 29, 2019No Comments

Parents today face many difficulty decisions regarding the care of their children. Most often, families decide between two common arrangements, sending a child to daycare or hiring an au pair or nanny who will watch the child in their home. The choice that makes the most sense will depend on several factors, including lifestyle, budget and work schedule.

If you are considering an Au Pair or nanny for your family, there are a few things you should know before you have them begin to provide transportation for your children. Au pairsĀ are legally allowed to drive in the for a period of one year in New Jersey without obtaining an official NJ driver license, however, we recommend that you have their driving skills assessed with a two hour assessment that makes sure that they are able to navigate the NJ roadways successfully and are familiar with the local traffic laws, signals and signage. Our NJ MVC licensed instructor will then let you, the parent, know the driver’s strengths and weaknesses, and if appropriate additional lessons can be arranged. Having the Au Pair or nanny go thru the 6 hour course will provide you a certificate to provide your insurer for a discount on your when you add them to the policy. In addition we can personalize the driving to make that the most familiar routes are navigated with ease: be it the grocery store, pediatrician, or swim lessons.

Give us a call if you are considering adding an Au Pair or nanny to your household. We can talk you through this important decision and help bring you peace of mind!

All Jersey Driving School is a NJ licensed Driver Education provider. More information on obtaining a license is available at