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Adult Driving Lessons

By January 10, 2020No Comments
Are you an adult who has not yet learned to drive
or are scared to drive? We can help….

We hear it a couple of times a week: “I never got my drivers license”, “I am an adult and need to get my drivers license” or “I am scared to get my drivers license”. Do any of these statements sound familiar to you?

At All Jersey Driving School we have tailored our driving programs to accommodate everyone. Adult learner? Yes, we do. Foreign drivers license? Yes, we do. Au Pair? Yes, of course. Learning disabled? We work with you also. We hear it all. “I just moved to NJ and I now need a drivers license” or “I have an out of state permit and want to get a NJ drivers license”. Today I had a call from a woman whose husband passed unexpectedly and she hadn’t needed to drive for the past 20 years so she let her license lapse and needs support.

No matter your situation, All Jersey Driving School will work with you to provide driving lessons, driver testing, road tests and behind the wheel in support of getting your NJ driver license. Give us a call at 833 353-7483 if you need support.