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Practice Parking

By May 23, 2019June 13th, 2019No Comments

Who has seen this video?

Subaru had the most wonderful idea; use adorable golden retrievers and mimic the trials of both parallel parking and the parenting of a would-be driver. It was brilliant! It resonates with parents of drivers, adults who were in the student seat – and of course, dog lovers everywhere!

Parallel parking is still a very real part of the NJ driver license road test. It is one of the primary things that student driver’s with NJ driver permits practice over and over. We see them on weekends in parking lots working their way in and out of the orange cones that define the parking space.

I was trying to evaluate the relevancy of parallel parking for a student driver. Where do you still use this skill? Our office is in Moorestown, NJ and you definitely still use it here in town; our Main Street is lined with parallel parking spots. Individuals coming in from Mount Laurel or Cinnaminson and Delran all have to navigate around or pause for, those attempting to slide themselves into the prized storefront spots. That however, was the only local place I could think of.

Back in the day both Moorestown and Cherry Hill malls had parallel parking spots around the premises for those driving in from surrounding South Jersey towns. There was a drive-in movie theater in Palmyra that also sported some bordering parking spots, and of course Pennsauken Mart had some also! Those places have come (expanded in the cases of Moorestown and Cherry Hill malls) or gone (Palmyra and Pennsauken). It surprises me that the NJ DMV still requires this skill. Perhaps when you are not in South Jersey the local towns have a greater need. We should have NJ Motor Vehicle develop a ‘South Jersey’ driving test…. and hold the parallel parking. Wouldn’t that be great!