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Is Parallel Parking still relevant?

By April 4, 2019May 23rd, 2019No Comments

Parallel Parking; every student driver’s dreaded component to obtaining their license. How relevant is this skill?

Parallel parking is the equivalent of Season 8 of Game of Thrones: unknown despite knowing it is coming! Every student practices, driving instructors teach, and parents dread.

Where we live in Moorestown, NJ, parallel parking is definitely relevant. Last night we went up to Main Street for dinner, and gracefully slipped into our curbside spot without issue. We should; we own a driving school! Interestingly enough however, just two cars up someone else was having a completely different experience. After unsuccessfully attempting to park twice, the driver let his date out at the curb and proceeded up to the traffic light to go to the public parking behind the restaurant. Not the best start to the evening, and hopefully not a first date…. not the best impression!

Living in Moorestown, walking in Moorestown or growing up in Moorestown – you know about parallel parking. That makes it relevant locally, but how about the bigger picture?

Going into Philadelphia last week, we were in a parking garage under One Liberty Place that had parallel parking available for visitors. They were the only available spaces on the first 3 floors of parking: apparently not used by visitors. Into Collingswood for Cipolli Cannoli? Parallel parking again. Finally and much to my surprise, I took my dog to the groomers in Rancocas Woods last week and due to multiple individuals dodging the raindrops, the only way I could tuck my vehicle into the lot was to parallel park in the driveway leading to the parking lot.

Dreaded or not, parallel parking is more relevant than we give it credit for. So practice, practice, practice: and give us a call: we can help. Happy Parking!